Elite Day Camp

***All our Elite Day Camp coaches are hand-picked from across the world to bring your organization a level of coaching never before experienced in a day camp setting.***

MSA has been closely aligned with the DUTCH training philosophy since its inception in 1973. The DUTCH are the leading experts of free flowing attacking soccer in the world. MSA has built its legacy of outstanding soccer education over the past 36 years with top international coaches from Holland and across Europe with significant playing but more importantly COACHING experience. It’s the quality of our coaching staff along with the Internationally Renowned DUTCH VISION and Coaching Curriculum that continues to keep MSA as the leading Day Camp Company in the country!

“MSA brings a level of professionalism
and coaching that we have never seen before at our Summer Camps”

John Damarian – President Braves SC (IL)

For more information please contact info@midwestsoccer.net or call our home office at (810) 714-5575.

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