Residential Camps

What separates our Academy from other residential camps is our consistent quality of soccer instruction available at each academy location. Our motto “Simply the best in soccer education” is well deserved. Passion to excel is the difference between mediocrity and greatness and passion is what our coaching staff has. The staff’s passion and love for the “beautiful game” significantly enhances player satisfaction and enjoyment. Our curriculum and training methodology is outstanding – this is why we have a high percentage of our players coming back year after year. Our objective is to help all participants achieve their personal goals and to be the best in soccer education.

The basis of our method is the DUTCH VISION of soccer training, which focuses on the integration of technical and tactical training. Our coaching objective is to teach players tactical maturity, the ability to read the game by assessing situations, choosing the correct course of action and then executing the action. Our coaching method revolves around teaching players the specific aims and principles when:

• Their team has possession of the ball

• Opponent has possession of the ball

• Transition from one to the other


Residential Camper Requirements (Ages 10-18)

To meet the minimum requirements, applicants must play for one of the following levels: Select travel team; Middle School or High School Team. The level of competition varies at each site. The Academy stresses individual and small-sided training and groups players by age and ability for successful, realistic competition

The Dutch method of individual dribbling technique and progression is an integral part of our training. Players will be trained with individual drills, games and small-sided scrimmages to:

For more information please contact or call our home office at 1-877-714-5575