Bring the Right Equipment

Bringing the right equipment is crucial to having a successful camp. Of course you will need to bring a soccer ball, shin-guards, water bottle, and extra gear. Here are other things to think about, too:

• Wear cleats that are already broken in. Don’t buy a new pair of shoes to wear at camp unless you have enough time to break them in. New shoes can give you blisters.
• Long goalkeeper pants or sweatpants for Goalkeepers, Gloves, & Keeper Shirt
• Towels for showers
• Toiletries
• Sandals
• Sunscreen
• Athletic tape and wraps if you need them
• A camera if you want a “Kodak moment” with your new friends
• Rain gear, if neccesary
• Warm up suit to account for weather
• Small fan for your room
• Pillows, sheets and comforter for twin size bedding
• Cash for camp store and laundry service
• Extra socks, shorts, shirts, undergarments. Laundry service is for MSA shirts campers receive as part of registration
• Comfortable shoes to wear between sessions
• Pens for session reflections and notes

Dont Forget to Bring a Smile!!!